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Unified or special screws manufactured by Mecavit.

High quality screws with mechanical properties appropriate for various applications, corrosion-resistant, used all over the world in various industrial fields.

We serve clients from the EU, Russia and other Extra-European Countries in various sectors:




60% of our production is destined for foreign markets.
MECAVIT only employs certified quality steel, selected after strict controls. Automated production lines transfom the raw material into screws and parts, following unified standards or customized specifications.
Unified screws
The unified production is in compliance to DIN, UNI, ISO norms and International parameters.
Special screws
In the production of special screws, our technical staff using CAD is able to activate the production process, both operationally translating a design of the customer, as well as developing targeted solutions to specific requests, such as mechanical resistance or corrosion standards.
Heat treatments

Depending on the type of application or requirements, the screws are subjected to heat treatments for improving physical properties:
- Mechanical strength
- Surface hardness
- Core hardness
On request other technical or protective treatments can be activated:

- White zinc , yellow, black Cr III
- Zinc Nickel black and transparent , Nickel chemical
- Laminated Coatings (Paints and Dörken NOF )
- Phosphate , burnishing, passivation .
- Mechanical Galvanizing , Zinc Iron .
- Nerinox , gleitmo , Polishing , plating
- Threadlocker ( Precote , Loctite , Tuflock )