MECAVIT offers immediate delivery of a wide range of standard screws and the production of special screws made ​​with various types of high resistance carbon steel and stainless steel.

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MECAVIT employs only certified quality steel after that strict controls are made. Automated production lines transform the raw material into screws and parts according to unified standards or to customized specifications.
Unified screws
The standard production is compliant with the DIN, UNI, ISO standards and international parameters.
Special screws

In the production of special screws our technical staff activates the production process using CAD both operationally translating the customer’s design and developing targeted solutions to specific needs such as mechanical resistance or corrosion requirements.


Cold forging


Heat treatment


The high industrialized production process is carried out by multi-step molding machines, as well as by special tools with computerized control board placed by each machine.

Lines are automated and operated on a double shift, using only prime quality steel and certified for the production of unified screws to DIN , UNI, ISO. The rolling machines are specially designed for the insertion of captive washers.


The process of rolling, or cold plastic deformation, allows to obtain high accuracy of the profiles and of the threads and a higher resistance to breakage and to wear and tear.

To maintain the production chain autonomous and flexible, the production is equipped with an automated line for the thermal treatment of the screws produced. The latest generation conveyor belt can be remotely controlled by a computer system that also manages the recovery and reuse of the heat produced, contributing to energy savings.
On request we can supply a test certificate to certify the quality of the heat treatment.


The logistics of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and orders is handled by modern computer media. A major plus that provides customers with quick responses to both standard and special planned supplies.
A stock of 4,000 pallets of finished product is always available, allowing Mecavit to ensure short lead times.