MECAVIT production processes meet certification standards required by the Industry. Our products reflect the highest quality standards, while maintaining appropriate market prices.



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MECAVIT creates two lines of products: a line of unified screws and a line of custom designed screws on customer specifications.


Unified screws (according to UNI, DIN and ISO)
The products are recognizable by the VMC marking (an acronym for Viteria ME CA, the original name of the Company),
Materials of construction of the screws:
- Carbon steel
- Stainless steel (A2 -70)

Screws strength: 4.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9
Unified production includes:
- Socket and Hexalobular cap screws
- Thin head cap screws
- Socket and Hexalobular countersunk head screws
- Socket and Hexalobular button head screws with or without flange
- Hexalobular and Cross recess pan head screws

- Cross recess countersunk head screws

- Cross recess half round head screws
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