MECAVIT quality system is internationally certified (since March 19, 2003) in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, certification granted by TUV Italy.



Quality System
Each step of the production for both series (DIN UNI ISO Unified Products and Special Products) provides a computerized check of each individual screw throughout different phases of deformation and at the end of the cycle. Advanced sorting machines automatically check each screw according to set parameters and tolerances and reject all items having any minimal defect.

Our corporate Quality Lab is able to run all kinds of tests (mechanical strength, geometry verification and certification of surface coatings for corrosion resistance) using state-of-the-art equipment and it issues appropriate certificates on request.
With experience gained over the years with leading international manufacturers, we ensure the highest quality of supplies and traceability of each lot.
Work environment and environmental impact
The new factory, opened in 2000 and expanded in 2009, ensures the absolute safety and health of our workers.

Attentive to its territory, Mecavit has made efforts to minimize the environmental impact by adopting systems of recovery and reuse of the heat produced, greatly contributing to energy savings and a drastic reduction of fumes’ emissions into the atmosphere.



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