MECAVIT S.r.l. is a company that complies with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for the following objective : "Manufacture of standard and special fasteners to customer specifications in high resistance carbon steel and stainless steel."


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  1. Executive offices (Commercial, Technical and Administrative)
  2. Production Lines
  3. Thermal Treatments Dept.
  4. Quality Control Lab
  5. Raw Materials and Semi-finished Goods Facility
  6. Packaging and Palletizing Dept.
  7. Logistic and Shipping

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1- Executive Offices (Commercial, Technical and Administrative)
In Italy Mecavit is among the most reliable manufacturers in the production of screws. We established a solid organization with standardized internal processes and a structure capable of rapid response to customer requirements, for the supply of unified screws (in stock) and the production of special screws, for specific applications in any industrial sector.


2- Production Lines
A large area of the company is dedicated to the many lines of the production,

which are continuously supervised by experienced technicians, who operate during two 8-hour shifts. At Mecavit S.r.l. we adopt the procedure of cold plastic deformation of the wire rod, of carbon steel or stainless steel, on automatic presses.


3- Thermal Treatments Dept.
The company has a modern and fully automated system of heat treatment of the screws. Innovative measures allow a remote control of the various stages, for a total safety of the process, in addition to the recovery and reuse of the heat produced, to minimize energy consumption and reduce the effects of pollution.


4- Quality Control Lab
A laboratory with the most innovative control technologies is a major plus for Mecavit, who wants to be recognized in the international market for the high quality, exclusively Italian production. We regularly perform a sample testing for each batch to certify mechanical strength and general performance abilities.

  5- Raw Materials and Semi-finished Goods Facility
We have only prime quality steel and a warehouse always stocked and ready to meet every production needs. We strive to give customers quick answers and solutions in regards to the unified assortment of screws or the special screws.
  6- Packaging and Palletizing Dept.
Another important aspect of Mecavit is the automation of final packaging, which can be adapted to customer needs for extreme precision of scheduled deliveries.
  7- Logistics and Shipping
The availability of unified screw is secured by a stock of finished product that consists of approximately 4000 pallets, always ready to deliver. Every order is processed as quickly as possible.